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Guaranteed rent if you want rent you can rely on

If you prefer to have rent you can rely on every month, get guaranteed rent with Property Breeze and never stress about empty rooms again. Because with guaranteed rent, you’ll have complete certainty about rent for as long as we manage your property. And there are no added fees for other services.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had rent you could rely on instead of a fluctuating income that depends on whether your HMO is fully tenanted, or the rent is paid on time? And wouldn’t it be even better with a completely hands-off property management service, so you can step down from worrying about managing your HMO, rent, utilities, etc, and know that your rent is coming on the same day every month without delay for as long as you like?

Why us

Andrew Lindsey Guaranteed rent and HMO specialist

Landlords choose Property Breeze because we provide a full landlord service and take good care of your property. We paint, style and stage rooms, advertise, and find the right tenants for your property. Property Breeze manages everything about the property from tenants, enquiries, compliance, and minor repairs. Landlords don’t have to do anything. In fact, we have done this for almost 10 years, and the landlords we work with are satisfied so they renew their contracts with us. We know the market so well that the properties are always tenanted. Some of our landlords have also used us to manage major works at their properties. We are the HMO and guaranteed rent experts you are looking for so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

What is guaranteed rent?

Guaranteed rent is like having a super-agent. We do everything other agents also do. We advertise, do viewings, reference prospective tenants, draw up tenancy agreements, collect rent, respond to tenant enquiries, organise maintenance, etc similar to what other agents do. But with a traditional agency, you pay extra fees for additional service.  All this is included in our guaranteed rent scheme. And a lot more as. The list below highlights some of the services that we do:

  • Facilitate maintenance and fix any repairs and maintenance
  • Organise fortnightly cleaners
  • Organise end of tenancy cleaning
  • Handle tenant disputes
  • Issue legal notices
  • Protect deposits into a government deposit scheme
  • Release the deposit back to the tenant or claim it if necessary
  • HMO inspections
  • Cleaning inspections
  • Compliance certificates
  • And much more

You don’t pay for any of this. Instead, we agree to a fixed rent for 3-5 years. And you receive your rent every month whether your property is tenanted or not. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about utilities, which is major bonus in these times. We take on the bills. And we pay the council tax too. Thus, it doesn’t take long to understand that guaranteed rent is more profitable than paying for all the extras, utilities, council tax, voids and, minor repairs.

How does it work?

Five step to guaranteed rent

How can you guarantee rent?

When you sign a contract with Property Breeze, you’ll get your rent on time every month. Property Breeze has guaranteed rent for nearly 10 years and has always paid the agreed rent on time. Hence, we know what we are doing, and we’re confident in our service. No more rent collection and waiting for tenants to pay their rent. Guaranteed rent is paid to you in the beginning of every rental period.

6 bed ensuite HMO conversion in Littlehampton
7-bed HMO conversion in Littlehampton

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Before Property Breeze: your HMO is empty. You don’t get rent. You are stressed.

With Property Breeze: your HMO is full. Your rent is guaranteed. You are thrilled.

Go from no rent to guaranteed rent