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specialists in PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT AND HMO conversions

Property development, commercial to residential, and HMO conversions can be a solution to the well-documented housing shortage in the country. As a nation, year in and year out, we simply do not build sufficient homes to accommodate all those people looking for homes. However, property development, commercial to residential, and HMO conversions can assist in solving that problem. This presents an opportunity for those with underdeveloped land and buildings. And it allows investors to contribute to alleviating the housing shortage while receiving a good return on their money.

But with spiraling costs and many planning hurdles to overcome, converting aspiration into delivery can be a daunting proposition. As well as identifying the viable opportunities and optimal solutions. This is where Property Breeze excels. Using its team, Property Breeze is a specialist in identifying opportunities to add value to properties and securing the right planning permission to maximize returns. We navigate through the complex regulatory and planning hurdles while keeping our eyes firmly on the moving target of the sales and retail market ensuring products are delivered that are highly desired.

About us

Andrew Lindsey Property Developer and HMO specialist

Since its early days Property Breeze has evolved from a successful letting agency specialised in shared housing into a one-stop shop for landlords seeking to optimise their property investments. Following a long career in finance in numerous international corporates, Andrew Lindsey founded Property Breeze Ltd in 2016 with the ambition to deliver high-quality rooms for today’s young professionals at competitive market rates and has completed several HMO conversions. Property Breeze’s mission is to identify under-valued, under-utilised commercial property stock for conversion to residential property using the team’s knowledge of the planning system to maximize returns and minimize risk. Ultimately, the Property Breeze team delivers quality residential stock while delivering returns for our investors.

Completed hmo conversions and property developments

Rose Cottage before HMO conversion

A historic dilapidated property secured at auction. For many years the property had been a local point of frustration suffering from many squatters. Property Breeze identified that the property would make an ideal 10-bed HMO. The most refreshing thing about this project was the reaction of the neighbours who were not only pleased to see the long-standing squatter issue resolved but also to see the oldest house on the street returned to its former glory.

Property development in Bognor Regis 7-bed HMO and a 3-bed annex
Littlehampton before HMO conversion

A run-down former care home in the heart of Littlehampton converted into a high-end 7-bed HMO with planning permission. The property serves local professionals in the market generating a higher than above-market rent.

Property development and HMO conversion in Littlehampton
Timberleys before HMO conversion

A project secured directly to the vendor on follow-up. The vision was a high-end 6 bed 6 bath HMO to serve the local Body Shop headquarter and Amazon distribution centre. The property being on a corner plot offered the opportunity to gain planning permission for an additional house on the side. 

6 bed ensuite HMO conversion in Littlehampton conversion

CURRENT HMO conversion

 The current HMO conversion was a win-win situation for both the seller and the investors. This property had a possessory title and was stuck on the market. Using specialist finance the property has been secured with the vision to convert into a 6-bed HMO in the heart of Worthing. 

HMO conversion in Worthing.
Property development in Worthing

Investment opportunities

Landlords leverage Property Breeze knowledge and experience to achieve significantly higher than current value market returns. With Property Breeze covering the upfront fees, the risk is removed. All that is required is time. Investors leverage Property Breeze for higher than open market returns. And we work with a team with a wealth of experience in the property industry.

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