About us

Guaranteed rent and HMO specialists

Are you tired of the hassle of managing your HMO property? Leave the work to us! Property Breeze has been guaranteed rent and HMO specialists for nearly a decade, and our knowledge of them is unparalleled. When you sign up for guaranteed rent with us, we make your property and your satisfaction our top priority. We not only care about your property, but we also care about the tenants living in it. That’s why we ensure that our tenants have a pleasant experience living in our house shares. Our team of experts has established processes and the necessary skills to provide you with the service you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us via message or call to schedule an appointment and learn how we can help you with your HMO. 

Meet the team

We are a team with 9 years of experience in guaranteed rent and managing HMOs across the south coast of Sussex. We take care of a variety of house shares, ranging from modern and refurbished to old and cosy, but we always maintain them to the highest standards. Our office is based in Worthing where our guaranteed rent and HMO specialists work daily unless they are out meeting landlords and tenants. But we also have team members who work remotely. 

Operations manager guaranteed rent and HMO specialists
Andrew Lindsey Guaranteed rent and HMO specialist

Danielle is responsible for operations, marketing, and interior design, all to enhance customer experience and prepare rooms for tenants.

Andrew, who is responsible for sales and finance, will meet you at the property and answer any questions regarding guaranteed rent.

Our journey


Right from the start, our goal was to be the best agents. That’s why we made a conscious effort to learn everything there is to know about the industry. We became certified landlords by completing a course from the National Landlord Association. Additionally, we undertook an interior design course to learn how to decorate and stage rooms in a way that makes them look great and ensures they are quickly let. Last but not least, we studied all the compliance-related information to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations.

If there is any problem with the property, we have a dedicated team to fix it promptly and efficiently. Our goal is to provide the best service to tenants and ensure that the landlords’ property is well taken care of.


Our mission at Property Breeze is to provide the best agent services in Sussex. We aim to offer landlords the best guaranteed rent service while ensuring that tenants have a pleasant tenancy experience. Over the last decade, Property Breeze has grown significantly, which has contributed to our expertise in guaranteed rent and HMOs.

Property Breeze is a family-run business located in Worthing. This is where we operate daily. We started by letting our property in Littlehampton. Soon after, we began managing HMOs across the South Coast, from Bognor to Brighton through our guaranteed rent scheme.

Guaranteed rent HMO specialists